REPAIRED Men’s all in one shaving gift set_600X600-18V2
looking good has never been so easy

Shaving Gift Set

This safety razor set offers unprecedented style and economy using recyclable and biodegradable blades.

All our balms, creams and oils are made using natural and organic ingredients.
Packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable.


Beard comb sandalwood leather slip

looking good has never been so easy

Beard and Hair comb

This classic hair and beard comb is carved from solid sandalwood, has wider spacings for your beard and is finished with beeswax polish.


Black Magic Organic Straight Razor1

looking good has never been so easy

Straight back Razor 

Why make shaving a chore when you can make it a satisfying experience. Using well crafted tools for shaving enhances the experience and quality of your shave. They’re also just awesome.