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Beard Oil

Beard oil Benefits in 2020

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of using beard oils are? Beard oil has become very popular in recent times along with the popularity of growing a beard. There are literally thousands of beard oil products available on the market which can make it hard to decide what you should choose, by what criteria, […]

beard grooming

Beard Grooming – the ultimate guide

We have completed a guide dedicated to Beard Grooming It can be a headache navigating the mass of marketing around beard grooming products, contradicting advice, and misleading claims. For something that would appear to be a simple subject there seems to be a never-ending supply of articles and advice all over the internet. Beards are […]

Grooming for dates and interviews

Grooming for your job interview or first date.1st impressions last!

Our first impression is our best chance at catching someone’s attention. In a modern world personal grooming has never been more important as a tool to use to your advantage. If you have facial hair its imperative that you ensure its looked after, sharp and on point for any job interview you will be attending. […]

recycle, enviroment

Packaging! does it make sense to recycle? Is sustainability even worth it?

Todays topic is everything packaging and its impact on the environment. As a business that strives to recycle and have as little impact on the environment as possible, we think it’s worth discussing the reasons why we think it’s important for not only you and your children, but for your bank balance too. When the […]

hair growth

Hair growth stimulants, Beard growth enhancers the only 5 that work.

Hair growth stimulants, beard growth enhancers and treatments. Cutting through the bullshit. What does the science say? Today we are going to be discussing beard and hair growth stimulants, enhancers, and treatments. We are going to let you know which ones are the best, which ones are a waste of time, and how they work. […]

mens grooming products

Hair loss? can’t grow a beard? The top 5 best grooming products & beard hacks for thicker, healthier hair.

Grooming products, which? why? and how do they work? Preventing hair loss and promoting beard growth the natural way. There’s never been a time in history that men haven’t wanted thick hair and a beard worthy of envy. As you get older, that is going to be something harder to achieve due to environmental factors […]


Sustainability? Biodegradable? Why your shaving products are killing the ocean. Top 5 worst.

Our solutions for sustainability and Biodegradable Shaving products.  Why your cosmetics are killing the ocean and how you can stop it. The most damaging effects from humans to the environment are the use of non-renewable resources and the use of materials that are not biodegradable. Are we able to reverse the harm by changing the […]

Shaving butter

Shaving products. Our Top 5 that make choosing easy for you.

Shaving products. What product is best? Do you even need them? We will be breaking down the top 5 grooming products for men and their benefits and purpose and whether you need them at all. For the ladies: (What do you gift a man who has everything? Are you looking for a wedding gift, anniversary […]