Is dry skin under your beard giving you grief? Top 10 ways to fix it.

Todays blog post is all about avoiding dry skin under your beard. Do you have this problem? You’re not alone, most men will at some stage get dry or flaky skin under their beard. We are going to give you the top ten ways to avoid dry skin under your beard.

  • Harsh soaps or shampoos. The chemicals used in some shaving soaps, face wash, and body wash that cause them to produce suds can be harsh on the skin. Typically these chemicals are used to remove oils and grime. However, they can unbalance your skins natural PH and also remove almost all the healthy natural oils from the skin under your beard. To combat this, try to use as Few additional chemicals in your face washes and facial cleaning products as possible. See here for natural organic face wash free of harsh chemicals.
dry skin
Dry skin can form from soaps under your beard.
  • Not Washing out cleaning products or excessive cleaning can cause your skin and beard to dry out. Your beard absorbs its natural oils from your skin, removing all the natural oils from your beard will cause it to leach the remaining oils from your skin. To avoid this, ensure you rinse away all shaving soaps, face washes, or shampoo thoroughly after washing. You can Use a scented beard oil like Black Magic Organics that absorbs easily into the hair without residue to help replace some of the lost natural oils for dry beard hair also.
  • Cheap facial or haircare products. Despite their claims, a lot of hair care and facial cleaning products for men are made on the cheap. They can contain ingredients that aren’t listed, or use cheap fillers that don’t react well with your skin. It pays to spend a little extra if you’re prone to dry or sensitive skin. For our recommended quality products click here
  • A really long or thick beard. Yep, sometimes it just comes with the territory. If you do have a long beard or moustache you will need to brush it regularly to remove dry skin. Its best to do this before a bath or shower and afterwards apply some moisturiser or balm to help keep the skin hydrated. Check out our beard brushes and balms here.
  • Vaping, It may not be a concern for many. But vapour from e cigarettes can dry out the skin and cause irritation. One of the ingredients in E-liquids can dry your skin out and is also in a lot of cosmetic and food products. If this is you, you may need to choose between your beard and your vape.
  • Poor hygiene. Not washing your beard regularly can cause build-up of dirt and bacteria causing dry skin. Don’t be that guy. How are you supposed to impress others with your magnificent manliness if you can’t even maintain a beard correctly? Get it sorted.
  • Medical conditions. There are a host of dermatological conditions that can cause dry skin. Some will require treatment. If you think that may be you, its time to see either a specialist or get a referral from your normal doctor.
  • Cold weather. Not only can cold weather cause a runny nose. But in cold weather moisture from your breath will gather on your beard and moustache hair and can cause skin issues. In some instances, there may not be much that can be done for this one. My advice is try and get a cushy desk job.
Beer has water in it, FACT.
  • Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated other than the obvious benefit of keeping you alive is also handy for keeping your skin hydrated. And yes, I know beer has water in it. But a heavy night on the brewskies dehydrates you. Try and stay hydrated while enjoying your favourite lager, Ale or draught.
  • Lastly, but all to common is not drying your beard properly after a shower or washing your face. This one is a biggie guys, sure we like to live like savages, but unless you want to look like one you are going to have to take the minimal steps to keep that big beautiful facial feature in tip top shape. A thorough drying will help reduce the chance of skin becoming dry, and best of all its free.
Thats a wrap.

I hope this helps you out with identifying what may be causing any dry facial issues you may be having. Now you’re all clued up, jump on our products page here and see if there’s anything you need to rectify the issue. Catcha.