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Hair growth stimulants, Beard growth enhancers the only 5 that work.

Hair growth stimulants, beard growth enhancers and treatments. Cutting through the bullshit. What does the science say?

Today we are going to be discussing beard and hair growth stimulants, enhancers, and treatments. We are going to let you know which ones are the best, which ones are a waste of time, and how they work. So here goes.

Firstly we are going to let you know that the easiest way to prevent hair loss is by optimising which hair products you are using to simply maintain the hair you have. There’s no point trying to grow more if you aren’t going to look after what you have.

Using the best treatments will make your hair look fuller and thicker and hide thinning if its an issue for you. If you are like most men over 30 your hair has already started thinning. Using hair products rich in vitamins and natural oils is the best way to achieve healthy hair.

Men’s hair products that contain Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Mango butter, and jojoba, almond, and sandalwood nut oil are best. They protect the hair and keep the scalp hydrated. Avoiding artificial ingredients will help you maintain a healthy set of hair. We recommend Black Magic Organic hair pomade as a daily treatment for a gentle natural product that has all the vital ingredients to give your hair more colour and sheen while keeping the skin on your scalp hydrated.

Now lets get into it. Here’s our 5 most powerful and effective recommendations for regrowing and stimulating hair growth, and treatments to reverse baldness that have scientific evidence proving they work. Each recommendation has the applicable scientific study linked for you to fact check.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has been scientifically tested for its effectiveness as a hair growth stimulant with surprisingly strong results. It tested significantly better than the other 100% pure essential oils in the study. Peppermint is included in a few hair treatments, this study HERE on mice showed a marked increase in hair growth using peppermint oil. If you would like to buy Black Magic Organics mens hair care products that contain peppermint oil for growth follow this LINK.

Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil has been tested for its effectiveness as a hair growth stimulant also. It performed in some tests comparably well to prescription only medicated hair growth products. Specifically a notable effect was found in lab tests at 1% concentration . Cinnamon also has several circulatory benefits and has a multitude of benefits to the skin.

Cinnamon should be used with caution, some people can have adverse reactions or allergy’s to cinnamon oil. And it should only be used as instructed and by manufacturers recommendations, never in its pure form. The active molecule in cinnamon that gives it its smell and flavour is Cinnamanilide, here’s a link to the study. To see beard oils and hair care products that contain cinnamon oil in safe dilutions as a hair growth and circulatory stimulant click HERE.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is also one that has had positive and measurable result in the lab. The University of Maryland Medical Centre conducted several studies that showed the positive effects of jojoba oil for hair growth. In this study they found Jojoba oil was more effective than the control (saline solution. increased growth and allowed new hair follicles to form causing new additional hair growth.

Jojoba oil is a common carrier oil in men’s hair products and is one of our base ingredients in Black Magic Organic beard oil. It is also high in natural vitamin E which helps protect the product itself against deterioration in sunlight and heat as well as aid the skin and hair in repairing itself. Find natural beard hair growth stimulant ingredient containing products HERE.


Minoxidil is a prescription only medicated pharmacy medicine for hair loss, It has several studies showing its effectiveness and side effects. Minoxidil should only be used under doctors guidance, it has been proven to help generate new hair follicles that cause hair growth in some people. HERE is a study that shows the results in comparison with cinnamon oil.


Finasteride is a prescription only medicine for men only. Finasteride is a tested hair growth treatment with measurable results (study results here). Some people may experience initial hair loss when using it and it has its own host of side effects to sexual function and hormones HERE . Finasteride should only be used under the guidance of your doctor.


We hope this list has helped you make a decision about what treatments you should consider for hair loss or to stimulate hair growth. To see Black Magic Organics full range of products, CLICK HERE