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Hair loss? can’t grow a beard? The top 5 best grooming products & beard hacks for thicker, healthier hair.

Grooming products, which? why? and how do they work? Preventing hair loss and promoting beard growth the natural way.

There’s never been a time in history that men haven’t wanted thick hair and a beard worthy of envy. As you get older, that is going to be something harder to achieve due to environmental factors like, exposure to chemicals, dry or dusty workplaces as well as over exposure to the sun or wind. In the modern era some of these things are going to be hard to avoid.
So, what’s the next best thing? Well you may not be able to necessarily change your surroundings or your job but there are a few things you may be doing right now that could actually be ruining your chances of growing hair in all the right places.
The most obvious of these is your current grooming products. Or lack thereof. And if you aren’t using grooming products already, at least you aren’t additionally contributing to baldness and hair loss. So, how do you get thicker hair, and how do you grow your beard faster and thicker? Firstly, let’s look at the one thing you should make sure you aren’t using on your skin, beard or hair before we look at what you should be using on them.

1: Soap!!!!!!

Hairs all time nemesis and the most frequently abused substance on your bathroom shelves. Have you ever seen that scene in Fight Club where Brad Pitt pours something onto Edward Norton’s hand and it burns into his skin? That’s lye! Lye is the key ingredient in soap that makes soap do what it does. The lye itself is broken down when combined with fats and oils. However, a small remainder of that ability remains. That is why soap is effective at removing dirt and grime from your skin. Your skin is covered in natural oils that dirt sticks to.

But isn’t that a good thing though? Doesn’t that mean its a good grooming product?……Not exactly.

Soap Baldness

 Soap was a revelation in the era of its creation. But times have changed. The harsh effects of soap on the skin were never as frequent as now, especially considering most people are bathing or showering at least one to two times a day. Something that never happened in the past nearly as often. We also use a lot more non-organic and refined ingredients that along with increased effectiveness have also had an increase in their concentration and harshness on your hair and skin.

Does that mean you shouldn’t bathe…. Hardly. What you need to do is ensure you use a bodywash, face wash and shampoo and conditioner that wont damage or dry out your skin and hair. And for gods sake don’t wash your hair with it.

 The problem with soap is it gathers in your ears, beard, and hair due to its waxy nature. The residue it leaves behind continues to eat away fats and oils from your skin and hair until it leaves them dry and weakened. In fact, you are best to avoid using soap for anything but washing your hands and forearms. And that includes shaving soaps.

There are too many substandard products on the market loaded with harsh and nasty chemicals to even bother navigating the minefield. The best way to have better hair is to look after it while its growing and that means a couple of essentials men’s grooming products are needed. So here is the list to help you buy the best men’s beard and hair care grooming products.

The five best hair grooming & skin treatments to keep your hair from falling out.

  1. Hair pomade
  2. Beard oil
  3. Beard balm
  4. Aftershave balm
  5. moisturiser

The Hacks.

Hair Pomade.

We don’t just mean any hair pomade, but one that is made with natural fats and oils. Think of it as more of a hair treatment thn a styling product. Things like shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, almond oil, jojoba oil, and sandalwood nut oil are particularly great for giving your hair the oils and vitamins it needs to stay strong and protect it from drying up, breaking, and falling out.  

Sandalwood Hair Pomade
Sandalwood Hair Pomade

That’s why we developed our natural Black Magic Organic hair pomade without harsh chemicals and from healthy natural butters. It also contains cinnamon oil, that is known to stimulate blood circulation and hair growth in lab tests.

Beard Oil

Beard oil

 Again, not any generic oil will do, In fact a lot could do harm to the long term growth of your beard. A few key ingredients you should be looking for are nut oils, cinnamon oil, Jojoba oil, and cedarwood  oil, as well as sandalwood nut oil. These are all known to stimulate hair growth and some even have the ability to help develop new hair follicles, that’s why we made sure we included them in black magic organic beard oil here.

Beard balm

By now you’re probably getting the drift. Not any cheap nasty beard balm will do. Most are packed with petroleum products and do more harm than good. Something like our private reserve seasonal beard balm is a good example of a product that uses natural waxes like beeswax and oils like sweet almond, jojoba and sunflower seed. These are oils that blend easily with the hair, and natural waxes help form the protective layer over top to lock in the moisture as well as shape the beard.

Aftershave balm.

A little different to regular moisturiser, aftershave balms are designed to soothe the skin after a shave. But they have another important purpose that is neglected in 99% of all aftershave balms. That is a sterilizing agent. This is integral if you have skin that breaks out easily or develops a rash after clean shaving.  And of course, the least harsh and sometimes most effective is a natural option.

Things like peppermint, cinnamon, and tea-tree are excellent natural sterilizing oils that will help prevent infection or breakouts that cause scarring and the death of healthy hair follicles. Cinnamon and tee tree can sting a little on application as the follicles that have been exposed touch the sterilizing oils, but it will subside in a minute or so and leave your face healthy and clean ready for new growth.

hair loss cream


Last but not least is moisturiser. There are a lot of facial moisturiser products out there, especially anti-aging ones. Steer clear of any that contain silicones or petroleum products. The best way to do that is by taking a look at the first few ingredients on the back of the bottle or jar. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out if the moisturiser is full of complex chemicals.

It should be fairly easy to identify which are natural and which are synthesised or refined beyond recognition. Vitamin E is the most important and it comes in many natural oils and extracts of plants. How does this help your hair you might ask? Well, your skin isn’t an endless supply of natural oils, so maintaining the moisture and oil retention in your skin will leave more for your hair and beard to feed off of. Therfore allowing faster and healthier hair growth.

If you made it this far you’ve done well. And we hope you learnt something about looking after your hair or skin. Don’t forget to leave a comment or check out our products page to find all the men’s grooming products you will need to sustain your hair and stimulate your beard growth.