Sustainability? Biodegradable? Why your shaving products are killing the ocean. Top 5 worst.

Our solutions for sustainability and Biodegradable Shaving products.

 Why your cosmetics are killing the ocean and how you can stop it.

The most damaging effects from humans to the environment are the use of non-renewable resources and the use of materials that are not biodegradable. Are we able to reverse the harm by changing the materials we use? Here are a few ways you can help the sustainability of our environment.

Renewable resources.

A renewable resource is a consumable item from nature that is replaced naturally and maintains its sustainability, like natural energy for instance. Wind, thermal, and hydro power are all examples of renewable resources. A renewable resource means an endless supply, it also ensures that animals and native species are not being displaced or killed off by constant destruction of their ecosystem and environment.

How do we do this?

We can start by using products that have their ingredients sourced from ethical plantations and farms. A great example of how this can be done is to avoid products containing palm oil. Many brands claim their palm oil farming is based on sustainability. However, this is a ploy to win you over. The popularity of palm oil is a major driver behind deforestation and the killing of millions of animals a year. Many manufacturers will blend palm oils to claim sustainable titles that deceive consumers.

The best and easiest way to ensure your balms, lotions, and creams are safe and sustainable for the environment is use naturally sourced ingredients from manufacturers who are clear about the contents of their products. Here are some examples.

Black Magic Organic has a great range of products for men that are sourced from natural and whole ingredients. The products are as un-refined as is practical and effective, as well as  the ingredient lists being easy to understand. They list all the ingredients, even those at concentrations below 1% (which is usually the cut-off for display of ingredients) so you know exactly what is going into and on your body.

Natural unrefined ingredients are sometimes hard to find, here are a few common chemicals to avoid in your grooming products.

Top five ingredients to avoid to make sure you are using sustainable products are.

1. Exfoliating Microbeads

2. BHA and BHT

4. Siloxanes (Silicones)

5. Chemical Sunscreens

Exfoliating Microbeads

A lot of exfoliating face and body washes use micro plastic beads to scrub off dead skin. Unfortunately, unlike natural and organic products that use sugar, salt, bamboo, nut husks, and other natural ingredients to exfoliate, these products give you the illusion of natural products while filling our rivers and lakes with this un-organic waste that you cant recycle. These tiny plastic beads never go away, they accumulate in our waterways, animals, fish, and even in our own bodies. Look out for things that say contains microbeads, or micro abrasives, Polypropylene/Polyethylene. For more information check out this national geographic article on plastics.


BHA and BHT are chemicals used a lot in moisturizers, makeup and nail polish. As well as being a hormone disruptor, they are both linked to environmental harm. One of the chemicals is often found in nail polishes to stop them from becoming brittle. It’s very toxic to ocean life and plants making the sustainability of their environments non viable. It accumulates in the environment and has been linked to problems in fish, like altered genetics and altered growth.

Siloxanes (Silicones)

A number of creams and lotion goods contain silicone. Silicone was discovered in samples taken from different European countries. In fish, dangerous amounts have also been identified, raising concern about the accumulation of these chemicals in nature.  These silicones have been found as far away as Antarctica.

Chemical Sunscreens

Research has shown that sunscreens with chemicals such as oxybenzone are poisonous to coral and destroy marine life around the world on reefs. In one study , scientists said that “oxybenzone in marine habitats is an emerging contaminant of concern.” It is an endocrine disruptor, which means that it causes baby coral to enclose itself and die in its own skeleton.

Biodegradable and recyclable materials

It is also a smart to make sure you can mitigate the effect on the environment by using biodegradable and recyclable materials. It’s a great start to use things like straight razors or safety razors instead of electric or plastic razors or shavers. The largest contributor to plastics in our oceans and landfills is disposable everyday consumer products. It’s possible to use a commodity like disposable plastic razors but there’s a cost. Using a product like disposable plastic razors can contribute literally tons of additional plastic to the environment from you personally. (What’s a straight razor?) Here is an example.

A safety razor uses replaceable recyclable blades, they are packed in biodegradable paper and deliver multiple shaves before replacing, the shave from a safety razor is also better in quality and is a satisfying experience. Black Magic Organic prides itself on its use of recyclable and biodegradable shaving products. Take a look here to see our full range of sustainable, eco-friendly, recyclable natural and organic products and shaving tools.

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We hope this has helped you understand more about what you can do to change you impact on the environment in the simplest and most satisfying way.