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Packaging! does it make sense to recycle? Is sustainability even worth it?

Todays topic is everything packaging and its impact on the environment. As a business that strives to recycle and have as little impact on the environment as possible, we think it’s worth discussing the reasons why we think it’s important for not only you and your children, but for your bank balance too.

When the idea of Black magic Organic was first conceived it was based around the premise of minimising our impact on the environment and providing prestige men’s grooming products that had as few non organic or “artificial” chemicals as possible.

This wasn’t due to concerns about pesticides or insecticides making it into our products inadvertently as we have stringent standards and source our products locally where we can observe their procedures. It was due to the general higher quality of less processed products and the lack of by-products being used or made extracting those ingredients.

This approach of a less refined and more easily biodegradable men’s grooming product meant it was an obvious choice to select packaging that met those same standards. That is why we make sure we make our packaging from renewable resources that are biodegradable or that we can recycle.


Why worry about packaging? Well, you don’t need to worry, but you may want to consider it. There are a few really good reasons for keeping sustainability in mind.


Packaging isn’t free, its actually a substantial part of the expense of a product. The less of it in the products you buy means more of the value of your product is spent on the ingredients it is made of.  But that’s not the only cost. Most councils or shires charge a recycling and collection fee for recyclable waste. Minimising the waste is the first logical step to reduce these expenses.


Its no secret that plastic waste in our environment is a major problem, especially the ocean. There are enormous islands of floating waste (see article here) in our oceans and they are made up of the most basic household items such as toiletries, bottles, razors, discarded toothbrushes, and the ever-controversial straw.

The easiest way to reduce this waste is by not using it and by selecting products with less packaging, or substituting it for materials like cardboard or paper that are easily biodegradable. In any case that the product requires packaging that can’t be made of these materials it is advisable to use materials that you can recycle or even better re-use. That is why Black Magic Organic uses as much natural biodegradable material that doesn’t impact the environment or is sustainably sourced from renewable resources as possible.

It doesn’t have to be an effort to recycle or be more conscious of your environment. You won’t be required to eat hummus and stop showering. Usually a few simple changes can reduce tons of your waste going into the environment.

One of those simple steps is to switch from disposable plastic razors to recyclable and biodegradable safety razors. A disposable razor is made of plastic and metal mixed together. Due to the process used to recycle plastic the blades cannot be removed from their housing rendering them to a landfill or worse, waterways or oceans. You can find 100% recyclable biodegradable safety razors with recyclable blades HERE

Safety Razor

Changing your men’s grooming products of choice to ones made with sustainable resources as well as packaging that you can recycle is another simple step that can drastically reduce your waste by tonnes over your lifetime. All Black Magic Organics products use recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable materials and all our grooming products are made with sustainability in mind. You can check out our whole range HERE, or pick up a starter pack and 3, 6, or 12-month subscription to regularly receive your monthly amount of feather light razor blades that include a free prestige gun metal grey safety razor.

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